The EVOLIS™ System is a self contained micoroplate processor for automated EIA testing. Offering a high degree of analytical performance, the system is dedicated to smooth and safe handling of materials.

Designed for low to high volume testing, the EVOLIS™ System is fully automated for walkaway operation. It can process up to 6 plates per worklist running up to 6 tests per plate. The System has a capacity of up to 180 primary tubes with racks accommodating tubes 8–16 mm in diameter. Other features include four independent temperature controlled incubators, four ambient light protected incubators and three different wash buffers.

With comprehensive, multitasking software and full bi-directional functionality, one or more EVOLIS™ Systems can be connected to the laboratory information system (LIS).

The EVOLIS™ System offers the right solution for your laboratory testing Needs.