ID-Titration Solution / ID-Titration Rack

ID-Titration Solution (Ref. 009360)

The ID-Titration Solution is a dilution medium intended to be used for the titer determination of antibodies in patient and donor samples with the ID-System.
It brings a high level of standardization and is specifically designed for the ID-System.

■ Standardized medium designed for ID-Cards
■ For IgG or IgM titration procedures
■ Usable in LISS/Coombs, Coombs Anti-IgG and NaCl, Enzyme Test and Cold Agglutinins ID-Cards
■ Suitable for any kind of titration including anti-A and anti-B titration1
■ Usable with all our native ID-cells including reverse, screening, identification,
extended panel kits as well as with your own laboratory cells

ID-Titration rack (Ref. 009390)

The ID-Titration Rack Looks very similar to the ID-Diluent Rack and is a compact set of empty wells used exclusively by the IH-500 to perform the two-fold Serial dilutions involved in Titration process.

Combined with the ID-Titration racks, the ID-Titration Solution
can be used with IH-500 which leads to a higher accuracy in
the dilution procedure and a better reliability of the overall
titration process.