Immunohematology Incubators

Incubators for ID-Cards and tubes

ID-Incubator L

ID-Incubator L

This instrument is the new incubator developed by Bio-Rad which you can use with both ID-Cards and tubes

•New incubator for both tubes and ID-Cards
•Independent incubation areas (ID-Cards and/or tubes)
•Up to 36 ID-Card and 24 tube capacity
•Panel PC touch-screen with easy to use interface (icon based)
•Multi-language software
•5 different timers for separate batches (3 for ID-Cards area, 2 for tubes area)
•Standard program: 15 minutes at 37°C
•Programmable incubation time
•CE compliant according to IVD Directive 98/79/EC


Electrical data

Voltage 110-240 VAC
Frequency 50/60 Hz


Width 380 mm
Height 230 mm
Depth 500 mm
Weight 13 kg

Ordering information

Pkg. size Profiles or single test REF
ID-Incubator L (1 unit) 009203