Reverse Grouping

Testing products for Reverse Grouping

NaCl, Enzyme Test and Cold Agglutinins

The ID-Card NaCl, Enzyme Test and Cold Agglutinins is suitable for antibody screening and identification procedures, compatibility testing and reverse grouping.

It is not considered necessary to include the room temperature saline test in routine antibody screening procedures, but the saline test at 4°C can be used to detect cold agglutinins.

ID-Card (Id-n°: 50520):

  • Available in a selection of package sizes
  • Configuration: 6 tests

Ordering information

Pkg. size Profiles or single test REF
4 x 12 96/144 profiles 005014
24 x 12 576/864 profiles 005017
60 x 12 1440/2160 profiles 005016
112 x 12 2688/4032 profiles 005015