Uni-Safe is an universal disposable tool for safe handling of blood or plasma samples.

Uni-Safe replaces scissors and other dangerous and untidy solutions



no messed-up instruments


protection of the operator (skirt and cap prevent spilling) no "spray effect" throw away device: no cleaning and no cross contamination

Quick use

time saver
(no cleaning, no decontamination)


calibrated drops (18ul +/- 1 ul)

Uni-Safe punches straws and segments, and distributes calibrated drops:

- on a plan (opalin or card),
- in an open tube (10 or 12 mm),
- in a vacuum tube.

Uni-Safe also distributes calibrated drops from a vacuum tube (12ul +/- 1 ul).

The shape and size of the Uni-Safe puncher have been specially designed to safely and securely deliver calibrated drops on the cupules of the “Hema 6” agglutination plates.

Ordering information

Pkg. size REF
10 x 250 009923
250 009922