Seraclone Conventional Line

A comprehensive line of blood group serology reagents for ABO/Rh, antibody screening/identification and antigen typing

Important information

Dear valued customers

We hereby want to inform you that the End Of Production (EOP) of the entire DiaClon Line and Polyclonal Reagents for conventional techniques has been set.
Most of the products from this product line will no longer be produced after 2021 with a few exceptions which will still be produced in Q1 2022 latest.

We remind you the decision to switch from the DiaClon to the Seraclone conventional line was driven by:
1. A broad test menu covering all laboratory needs
2. A wide range of monoclonal antibodies providing the highest standard in laboratory testing
3. A compliance with the guidelines including the new European Directive IVDR ensuring a reliable supply

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Your DiaHem Team