Transfusion Science Course 2019

The course will be taught by internationally known speakers, organized by DiaMed GmbH. It will take place in Cressier FR, Switzerland. If you are interested in participating please contact us.





Cressier FR, Switzerland

Bio-Rad considers it of great importance to invest in continuous education in order to promote Good Practice and disseminate new concepts within the discipline.

We try to provide a broad content, with lectures reviewing well- known immunohematological theories as well as updating us with state-of-the-art lectures in Transfusion Science.

It is therefore a great pleasure to inform you that the next Transfusion Science Course will take place here at Bio-Rad, Cressier, Switzerland in the week beginning March 25, 2019.

The ever-popular interactive session featuring complex case studies will be held again during this course! The challenge is to actively engage the attendees in the session by using the Electronic Voting System (EVS).
From a one-way transmission of information into a two-way conversation between presenters and attendees!

If you are interested in participating, please contact our representative in your country for further information.
We are looking forward to seeing you all in the upcoming Transfusion Science Course!